Kindersinfoniker spielen Saint-Saƫns' Karneval der Tiere


The music world celebrates the 100th anniversary of the death of the French composer and pianist Camille Saint-Saëns at the end of the year. Although his catalogue of works is among the most extensive of his era, one work in particular is associated with his name: his "great zoological fantasy" Carnival of the Animals. Shortly after writing the enchanting miniatures, which were composed during a stay in Austria during the 1886 carnival, he forbade the public performance of the cycle during his lifetime; perhaps in order not to have to bear the reactions of his cited colleagues, but also out of (justified) concern that this work would far outshine his other great works in popularity.

Thus, the 100th anniversary of Camille Saint-Saëns' death is the occasion for the Kindersinfoniker, founded by Julia Fischer, to rehearse this work and bring it to the stage.

Actor Sebastian Hofmüller will accompany the audience to the shimmering sounds of the aquarium, to the racing half-eggs, to the ponderous elephant and to the sublime swan with the text written only a few years ago by journalist Dirk Schönlebe.

Camille Saint-Saëns not only quoted some colleagues in his Carnival, but also his own Dance macabre: thus, the performance of the Carnival is preceded by Saint-Saëns' own arrangement of the Dance of Death for two pianos. And right at the beginning, the Kindersinfoniker under the direction of their conductor Johannes X. Schachtner present a rather unknown gem from the pen of the inexhaustibly productive composer: his charming waltz caprice Weddingcake op. 76 for solo piano and strings.

Julia Fischer will lead through the programme.

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