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Julia Fischer gives insights into the JF CLUB.


What is in my violin case?

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Julia shows us her violin case.

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Chamber Symphony Andrey Rubtsov.

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Scherzo - Andrey Rubtsov, piano
  1. 1 Scherzo Andrey Rubtsov, piano
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Julia Fischer talking with composer Andrey Rubtsov

Either try to create something meaningful or have a coffee instead
Next year in spring Julia Fischer will be playing a further world premiere of the composer Andrey Rubtsov after having performed his violin concerto for the first time in 2016. His latest work is the Chamber Symphony. Julia Fischer is talking about composing with Andrey Rubtsov here in the JF CLUB and when composing makes real sense.

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Meet & Greet in Munich

Meet & Greet at the recording at Munich Music University

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