Musical Holidays at Lake Starnberg - Masterclasses with Julia Fischer and Daniel Müller-Schott - Subsriptions now open!


Traditionally Julia Fischer starts the new year in the south of Munich with the Musical Holidays at Lake Starnberg. This time the classes take place from January 2-6 2019 in Tutzing. There will be an opening concert at Schlossberghalle Starnberg. You can take part in classes for violin, viola, cello and chamber music. The teachers are Kirill Troussov and Andreas Janke (violin), Viera Fischer (piano) and Edgar Gredler (cello) with whom a special preparation for auditions is offered. Morevoer, participants are welcome to be part of an orchestra (conductor: Henri Bonamy).  
Apply for master classes with Julia Fischer or with Daniel Müller-Schott.
Every day there are private concerts and at the end a final concert for all participants in Tutzing.
Subscriptions now open until 23 November 2018.
JF CLUB users have the possibility to win tickets for the opening concert and to watch a masterclass with Julia Fischer or Daniel Müller-Schott!